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Digital Product

Digital Product

Digital Product

Reused Computer

Although computers have become popular and their prices are much cheaper than in the early years, they are still a considerable burden for some low-income people. Therefore, in order to help some people in need who do not have a computer at home or whose computers are too old, we have refurbished and inspected the recovered computers so that they can buy second-hand computers and genuine software at a low price. As a member of Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we will install genuine window systems or word processing software for all the second-hand computers we send out to reduce the social gap caused by the disadvantaged groups because they cannot afford to buy computers.


Reused Mobile Phone

In recent years, with the popularization of digital products, electronic products such as smart phones, digital cameras, and tablet computers have continued to introduce new ones. Everyone owns more and more electronic products. Hong Kong people who always love to pursue new things are eager for new styles, and the speed of replacement is fast. It can be said to be unprecedented, and it is the highest in Asia. The average annual e-waste produced by Hong Kong people is about 70,000. Many of them are dumped in garbage stations and then transported to landfills, causing harm to the environment and humans. , Heavier the burden of landfills.


Repair Computer Service

The mobile computer repair service is dedicated to providing door-to-door computer repair services for people in need, avoiding time-consuming accidents. Now you only need to be a member of the plan, in addition to the on-site repair service, you can also purchase recycled computers at a discount.

*Successfully registered membership for the computer repair service($50 each year for unlimited on-site repairs during this period)*


Eligibility for application (Individual)

  • Financial Assistance issued by the Social Welfare Department (e.g.: CSSA, Disability Allowance or Old Age Living Allowance) .
  • Allowance issued by the Student Finance Office (e.g.: Textbook Assistance, Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges or Kindergarten Fee Remission).
  • Other types of Government Financial Assistance (e.g.: Travel Subsidy or Low-income Working Family Allowance) .
  • Other cases recommended by NGOs / schools / churches.


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