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Donation & Recycling

Donation & Recycling

Donation & Recycling

Q: How to make an appointment for on-site recycling service?

A: You can go to our website to fill in the "Online Donation Form".   link

Q: How long does it take to make an appointment for on-site recycling service?

A: Generally, it takes about three to five weeks to make an appointment for on-site recycling service.

Q: What kind of computer items are mainly recycled?

A: Such as computer hosts, laptops, LCD screens, printers, servers, scanners and related electronic products (e.g. mobile phones and tablets that can work normally, etc. For other items, please consult our staff.

Q: Which types of computer items are not accepted for recycling?

A: CRT monitors (CRT Mon), TVs (Plasma / LED / LCD / CRT), server cabinets, floor standing photocopiers and backup batteries (UPS) are not recycled.

Q: Are there any size restrictions for the donated printers (desktop) and scanners for recycling?

A: Yes. The standard size of the printer is 50cm X 50cm X 50cm or less. The standard size of the scanner is 20cm X 40cm X 50cm or less.

Q: Are there any other places that can accept recycling too?

A: The workshop has set up designated recycling stations in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. For more details, please visit our website.  link

Q: Can any area be recycling on-site?

A: No, such as outlying islands: Cheung Chau, some restricted areas or closed road areas do not accept on-site recycling services.

Q: How to handle the donated items?

A: The recycled computer items will be sorted and disassembled in the workshop. After reinstallation and repair will be sold to disadvantaged groups and non-profit organizations for low and cheap price. Unusable items will be disassembled and sorted, and then given to recyclers for recycling.

Q: Does the workshop provide other data destruction services?

A: The workshop provides hard disk erasure, data degauss and shredding services. For details, please contact the workshop staff.

Q: Are supporting documents provided for the data destruction service?

A: Yes we have. If the customer selects a certain data destruction service, the report will be sent via email after the destruction is completed.

Q: Are there any supporting documents after recycling service?

A: When recycling, the quantity will be counted and a donation receipt will be issued.

Q: Is there any document like a thank you letter

A: Yes it has. Please "tick" a column of thank you letter on the receipt. The thank you letter will be sent by email within one week.

Q: Are there any requirements for placing the company's logo on the workshop website?

A: Please provide your company logo by email after donating computers (5 or more).

Q: Is there a limit on the number of on-site recycling services?

A: No. If you donate 3 or less computers (not including small accessories such as keyboards, mouse or cables), we will encourage donations to the designated recycling station.

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