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Digital Products
(Android & iPhone)

Digital Products
(Android & iPhone)

Digital Products
(Android & iPhone)

Q: When using the mobile phone/tablet for the first time, there is heat, slowness and abnormal battery power when turning on the phone?

A: During software update, synchronous backup, or playing games, the processor consumes a lot of power during high-frequency operation, causing the phone/tablet to generate a certain amount of heat, which is a common phenomenon in smart products.

Q: The smartphone/tablet speed is getting slow after using it for a period of time?

A: Please check if there are too many applications open in the background. The reason is that after the applications of the smartphone/tablet are used up, they usually press the home button to leave, but the application is not completely closed, and it will still run in the background. If you want to officially close, please follow the following Steps to close:

Q: The smartphone/tablet automatically shuts down during use?

A: Pay attention to whether the smartphone/tablet is running automatic update in the background. If it is updating automatically, please keep the battery level above 30%. At the same time, the smartphone/tablet will automatically shut down and restart during the update process. If the smartphone/tablet is out of power during the update process, the smartphone/tablet may be damaged.

Q: How to convert smartphone/tablet data to memory card? (android)

A: For example on picture: Just click "My Files" on your smartphone/tablet > click on "Image" > select the items that need to be moved or copied, and then press the "directory button" of your smartphone/tablet > "Move Or copy", and then set the destination to the memory card.

Q: How to save camera photos directly to SD Card? (android)

A: Just "open camera" > "settings" > "storage device" > "select memory card".

Q: How to sync phone contact data with Google?

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