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Q: I am a qualified service target. My computer was not applied from the workshop. Can I apply for repair services?

A: Yes, you can submit the application form and relevant supporting documents to become a repair services member, while the ALL-IN-ONE PC cannot be repaired due to lack of parts. In addition, each applicant can only apply two computers for repairs services at most.

Q: Can I ask a repairman to install computer hardware/peripherals or software?

A: The workshop repairmen will only install genuine software for customers. Installation of hardware or other peripheral equipment needs to require additional charges. If you have the above needs, please submit and quote to the workshop staff when applying for the repair services

Q: Why does it take almost two weeks to arrange for an on-site repair?

A: Because there are many clients who need the repair services and they are scattered throughout Hong Kong, so it will take about two weeks

Q: While the repairman comes to on-site repair, what should I do if the problem cannot be completed?

A: It depends on the seriousness of the computer's problem, and because there are many appointments for on-site repair every day, if the computer needs to be reinstalled or takes more time to fix up, the repairman will bring the computer back to the workshop for repair and return it after the repair is completed.

Q: My family’s computer was registered in the name of my son who applied for the testbook assistance last time, but now he has completed his studies, but the computer needs repair. What should we do?

A: The right of the reused computer and the repair membership is owned by the applicant and cannot be transferred. If the applicant does not have the relevant qualifications for assistance, he can seek the recommendation of an organization, social worker, district councilor or clergy to apply for a renewed membership.

Q: Can I request the workshop to upgrade my computer's hardware or Windows system?

A: The workshop provides computer hardware or software upgrade services, but whether it can be upgraded depends on the status of the applicant's computer components. In terms of hardware, the workshop provides reused hardware such as hard disks, memory, etc. In terms of software, the workshop can now provide Windows 10 Professional. Other hardware and software can be ordered by the workdshop staffs.

Q: My computer is in urgent need of repair. If I bring the computer to the workshop, can the repairmen repair it for me immediately?

A: Usually, the repairmen will perform basic inspections for the computer. If the computer needs to be replaced or reinstalled, it must be left in the workshop for repair and returned after the repair is completed.

Q: If I bring the computer to the workshop for repairs, but I find that I have not brought all the supporting documents when I arrive, can the workshop help me to repair it first?

A: If the applicant fails to complete the renewal membership, the workshop cannot repair the computer. The applicant can temporarily store the computer in the workshop and provide supporting documents as soon as possible to start the repair process. The computer can be stored at the workshop for up to 30 days.

Q: My computer repair membership has expired in less than one month. Can I submit the form to renew my membership early?

A: Since the repair membership is calculated based on the approval date, applicants are advised to renew the membership at the same time when there is a need for repair. The maintenance membership will take effect on the day of the approved documents.

Q: My applied monitor is damaged, can it be repaired?

A: There is no monitor repair service, you can fill in the form to apply another monitor if necessary.

Q: The workshop has made an appointment with me to repair the computer at my home today, but I have something to do temporarily. Can I ask the repairman to come early today, or come to repair at a specific time?

A: The staff will inform the repairman, and the master will inform you the time.

Q: Can I borrow a computer when I make an appointment for on-site repair?

A: Because computer borrowing is limited, if there is a spare computer at the workshop the day before leaving the car, the computer borrowing service will only be available when on-site. The workshop does not provide booking service for borrowing computers.

Q: Can I call the workshop to ask the repairmen about computer problems?

A: The staff will ask the guest to provide information first (such as name, phone number), after confirming the customer's repair membership, will transfer the call to the repairmen.

Q: My computer was purchased by the workshop, but I replaced some parts by myself after I returned home. Is there any free repair service?

A: The workshop does not recommend the service object to modify or upgrade the computer, and reserves the right not to provide repair services for the modified or upgraded computer that has been modified or upgraded by the clients.

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